About Us

Welcomes to the official Website Of New Pradhan Fruit Products. Our Every products comes with the kind of goodness, care and love. The emerging star in the Indian food industry. New Pradhan Fruit Products is committed to its customers' choices, and taste by providing freshest ingredients to them we have experts and hard-working employees and their ideas makes our products healthy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top notch quality and taste which turns our customers Life enthusiastic.

Our Vision

Maintaining relationship with our customers, employees, Suppliers and distributers.

(Managing Director)

M.D. Desk

We give our first priority to our customers and employees as their trust and Keenness to their work make our path endless. New Pradhan Fruit Products is the fastest growing food manufacturer, under the guidance of dynamic Managing Director Mr. Sutan Pradhan When it comes to quality control and customer satisfaction, persistent attention to details. New Pradhan Fruit Products ensure that only the best products reach to Customers